March 31, 2011

Pretty in Pink & Hello Kitty

IMG_0015 RelaxedMarch 30, 2011 Certainly couldn't get rid off our heavy coats and jackets yet. Winter is still lingering. IMG_0049
Model: Madi Go
Knitted cardigan by Lola
Lacy ruffled skirt by Tita Mercy
Hello Kitty bag by Tita Salie
Hello Kitty headband by Ninang Cheryl
Photographed by Mommy

3/30/2011: Madi and I still have cough and cold and the weather is still very cold so we just managed to play at home, dress-up, take pictures & videos for fun.

March 30, 2011

127 Hours

This is a pretty late feedback. Since Jon & I had Madi, we haven't been to the movies except twice. First, when Madi was probably about four months old, we brought her with us to see The Dark Knight. Second was New Moon when my sister-in-law insisted she'd babysit so we could have a "date" somehow. So the situation really is "Netflix." I wait until the movie comes out on Blu-ray and borrow it from Netflix. Yahoo! I got my 127 Hours yesterday… but didn't get to see it until today… We've all been sick in the house, you know. 

Well I just want to say that Franco dear deserved the nomination. I truly liked him: I think he's cute and I liked him in the Spiderman series. BUT I got really turned off at the Oscars. I thought he kinda looked like he was high that night. Well him and the lady co-host as well… But this movie was amazing! Story and acting wise.

The story made me cry. It made me appreciate more EVERYTHING that God is providing us: nature, family and all loved ones. The movie also emphasizes that if you have the heart to live in this world, you would live. That guy Aron Ralston is seriously a wonderful person! He really has that positive energy in him. The physical strength really would not matter if he didn't have that heart to survive. I know for sure that if I were in his shoes, I'd be dead. In a matter of a few hours being stuck in there and knowing I lost an arm, I'd probably praying to God to kill me now. Aaron was not that at all. Gosh, I envy him. I'm almost thirty six years old and may be I can't change myself anymore but I'm going to try- I want to be like him and I want my kid to have his attitude. Way to go, Aron! You inspired millions of people through your story and you still do. And James Franco, great job on this one- you're a winner!

This is a must see for all types of people. I think that no matter where you are in life, this will inspire you and would make you want to live and be a good person.

Before I sleep, I want to search for the cool music they had on the movie. They're upbeat and gives such a positive vibe. It will be awesome for my running. Goodnight everyone.

To do:

Sometimes it helps a little when I show people my to do list, I tend to accomplish more than normal. Here it goes…

1. Laundry
  • whites
  • colored
  • Madi's
  • linens… (I'm sure I'll discover more later.)
2. Vacuum
3. Clean 2 BRs
4. Organize closets
5. Organize the party give-aways
6. How to's in cutting hair
7. Organize Madi's toys

This list is aside from my duties for Madi: giving her baths, feeding her, nebulizing her, playing with her… I should be able to do at least two of the above list. Plus, I hope I can find time to do something for myself, like painting or writing. 11a.m. now!

Final Report:
1:18 AM (3/31/2011)
Ok, looks like I've just accomplished two.
I had a good day though. Madi and I had the chance to play outside and I was able to use my camera.
Bad news are… hubby came home early sick (starting to have allergy too) and Madi threw up again tonight on her bed. Which means I did more laundry than planned and that we're all still sick in the house. Urgh.

March 28, 2011

What did you say?

One of the "tweeters" I follow just tweeted about thinking first if what you intend to say is profound before tweeting… It hit me!

There are times when you just say (or write, in the social networking world) whatever you feel like saying. Yes, it is a free country indeed. We always remind ourselves of this freedom of speech benefit that we all have. It is truly simple nowadays to express ourselves with all these new technologies that is so easy to reach as well but do you really need to let the whole world know every detail about your life?

For me, Twitter is a place of learning about your interests. I follow people who inspire me, have the same hobbies or occupation as I do, or people that I just simply admire. That's what I like about this social network, nothing has to be "personal." You can follow almost anyone you like, make conversations, and you don't even have to be friends. It's like a give and take situation with no pressure at all. You can pick the brains of an expert with no fee and best of all these experts are sharing their knowledge with all their hearts. The giving and sharing is really the best part in this.

Now in Facebook (or networks that are alike), this is more personal, I should say. This network is the place where I find my long lost friends, and all kinds of friends for that matter, or relatives. People here could be a close friend or just someone you've met once at a party many years ago. But since they are all in the same category, "friends", you think that they are your friends even though they are not. They are not interested about what you have to say or what's going on between you and your boyfriend. You keep on changing your status from "single" to "complicated" to "in a relationship" like you think it's funny for everyone or everyone cares. It's just my point of view… I love Facebook but even though it's a network for friends, please don't forget to think twice before you post anything. Is it something funny for all (not an inside joke that some would misinterpret)? Is it a helpful and kind message? Just think before you post. And hey, if you want a fight, not online please… I am not talking about particular people in Facebook (in case any of my "friends" are reading my blog…). I am actually guilty of some of these negativities but I am pretty much aware now of these things so I try to be careful and I am also just sharing my thoughts to enlighten "you" (if you feel I am talking to you). Oh come on… just admit it, your guilty too…

Well I hope to hear more good news next time peeps! Stay happy and live well!

March 26, 2011

Big Bird's Birthday Bash

We went to Sesame Place last week to attend Big Bird's birthday. The park is not open as of yet but my husband got us a season pass and there are special events at the park wherein only members are allowed to join. So we registered for this event a month ago or so not expecting that Madi would get sick. Since the park is only less than twenty minutes away, and Madi did not have fever at that time, (plus the fact that this was extra money we paid aside from the membership), we said we'd still try to go and see if she'll have fun at all. Luckily, she managed to smile at the pictures and dance at the party. She had fun.

Here's a glimpse of our first Sesame Place experience. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing this little video (giving me the second chance to use my Aperture).

March 17, 2011

I'm An Instagram User & Fan

beautiful eyes.
lovely lashes.
our backdoorS.
always together and love it.
on top of the hill.
clear skies.

Photos taken 3/16/2011
At Barclay Square
Using Instagram

Been fond of using my iPhone lately in taking my pictures. Love the effects that these apps give particularly Instagram. It's just fun to use.

Little Fashionista

Photo taken 3/15/2011
IMG_0702 by Vie Comme Elle Est
IMG_0702 a photo by Vie Comme Elle Est on Flickr.
My little girl likes to pick her own outfits now- as in from head to toe. At less than three years of age, she's surprisingly pretty good with color coordination and style so we rarely fight about her attire unless she's not dressed well for the weather. She's been tired of wearing her bubble jacket and boots and if it's chilly and she's underdressed, that's when the fight starts.

I wonder if she would be in the media/entertainment/fashion industry because right now she's just really into photos, acting, and talking. She's really a good talker- she's like in the five year old level on that aspect.

Whatever she chooses, I'd be happy as long as she grows up with good attitude and values.

March 2, 2011

Eona's desk: Remembering My Special Brother

Reposting as today marks the 5th year death anniversary of Kuya. I miss you and I will keep you forever in my heart.

Eona's desk: Remembering My Special Brother: "My brother, Conrad, is a special child, the eldest among five children, born normal but had a convulsion when he was still an infant which a..."

March 1, 2011

Never Give Up on Paris

I've been attending a French class for the past four weeks. It's fun and I really want to learn. However this class that I enrolled in is the second part of last semester's class. So it's basically not for beginners like me who really has never had any kind of background on the language. My classmates are so ahead of me but I know that I can catch up if I study the first 100 pages of the book. Unfortunately, I have not been blessed with the time to do so. Madi normally does not take naps anymore and if she does, it's only for just about an hour. 

Last week I came in without being able to do the homework and all the time that I was called to answer a question, I didn't make it. If I come today, it would definitely be the same scenario and I don't think I'd like that so I'm planning to skip today and just take the time to self-study while Jon takes care of our little girl (Tuesday is their bonding time). So that's the plan and hopefully I'll be able to come in next week with more knowledge. No, I'm not wasting my money and give up on this. I must learn a bit somehow so I can visit France after. Hehe... ;)