March 1, 2011

Never Give Up on Paris

I've been attending a French class for the past four weeks. It's fun and I really want to learn. However this class that I enrolled in is the second part of last semester's class. So it's basically not for beginners like me who really has never had any kind of background on the language. My classmates are so ahead of me but I know that I can catch up if I study the first 100 pages of the book. Unfortunately, I have not been blessed with the time to do so. Madi normally does not take naps anymore and if she does, it's only for just about an hour. 

Last week I came in without being able to do the homework and all the time that I was called to answer a question, I didn't make it. If I come today, it would definitely be the same scenario and I don't think I'd like that so I'm planning to skip today and just take the time to self-study while Jon takes care of our little girl (Tuesday is their bonding time). So that's the plan and hopefully I'll be able to come in next week with more knowledge. No, I'm not wasting my money and give up on this. I must learn a bit somehow so I can visit France after. Hehe... ;)

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