November 20, 2014


My girls are both a handful. My 1-1/2 year old is expected to be at her age. However, my older one (6-1/2 years old) became so dependent and changed in a lot of ways ever since her sister was born- sort of trying to get my attention all the time. You won't see it though from her relationship with her baby sister because they are truly the sweetest sisters you'll ever see. The bottom line is I have two kids that are both wants my full attention at this point in my life. 

Most days I'm in my pajamas all day (unless I have errands to do) and when I finally am able to take a shower, it would be sleeping time again. I never really wear make-up or blow dry my hair and all that kind of stuff. I'm a wash and wear type of woman. However, it embarrasses me whenever I bring out my older kid to the door when her bus arrives and the driver would see me wearing my big white robe and when she's dropped off from school I'm still in it. I kind of gotten used to it since I've been doing it since I was pregnant with the second one until last week. 

I made a decision a week ago that I will get out of my pajamas everyday no matter what (even though I have no plans of going somewhere else). I thought it will help me feel energized doing my tasks at home. I thought it will help me feel better, not lousy. I thought it would be helpful and positive to look at least presentable, not having the out-of-the-bed look all the time. I thought it is just the right thing to do. I know, I know... it's a no brainer. For some reason it just became a habit of mine to stay in pjs all day and being busy taking care of my girls became the excuse. Then I realized that taking care of myself a little bit also would be nice for my children because I would feel less stress and I would be yelling less when they become annoying. 

So far it has been working. Plus, I get compliments from my girls like, "I like your sweater, mom." Funny, it's like they have never seen the clothes I wore this past week. Getting out of my pajama is not the only thing I need to do for myself but it is a start. Next would probably be taking time to exercise. Wish me luck!