March 31, 2010

Who's Getting Ready?

Madi is getting bigger now. She talks a lot, she knows a lot of things now (she may even pass for kinder already), and I think I can start leaving her bit by bit in a daycare or to her dad. I mean, I just want her to get used to not being with me all the time. So I am now starting to look for part-time jobs in the area. I worked for almost a decade with my last job so applying for jobs is kind of new to me. They do things differently now-from creating resumes to taking aptitude tests and interviews... Almost every process is online. I’m not sure if walking in to submit your application is still acceptable... Is it? Oh boy, I feel so old. But I have to learn the new ways no matter what. Sigh...

March 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Today is expected to be worse than yesterday but I have prepared for it. When Madi and I went out yesterday, I got her new sets of crayons, markers, and water colors- all washable. In a suburban place, you always have to be ready to get stuck at home for any reason. I think I have to make a comparative pros and cons list between living in the city and in a suburb but just on top of my head right now, all I can think of that I miss in Queens is the convenience of the location- I walk outside the apartment, there’s my grocery store, bunch of all kinds of restaurants, Asian market... you name it. So even on a rainy day like this, it still wouldn’t be a problem to go out. Here in Princeton, if it’s a pretty bad rain like this, it’s such a hassle to drive and kind of taking a risk too. Some trees fall down and other areas get flooded. The last time it rained hard was about a couple of weeks ago. We drove to a friend’s house in North Plainfield to watch a boxing fight. I have never seen so much flood in my entire life in New York or the Eastcoast, for that matter. I heard in the news last night that today a lot of New Jersey residents might have the same problem they encountered from that last downfall of rain- many had a lot of damages in their homes. I hope the best for everyone, stay dry, and let’s pray this rain will go away.

March 29, 2010

Not A Manic Monday

Normally Monday is really manic (just like the song) for me and everyone. At least it just feels like it because it’s a day after the fun and relaxing weekend. Luckily, today is not a manic Monday for me. Yes, it was raining all day, I did some errands, and household chores but somehow still feels relaxed. I don’t know why but it is a good thing, right? I hope everyday feels like today.

March 28, 2010

Night Swim Is Fun


Last night after dinner, we spontaneously decided we’d go swimming and just drove to a nearby hotel. It was about 9:30 when we left the house and boy it was nice to be in an indoor heated pool on a cold night with my baby. It was fun and relaxing at the same time. Madi’s been enjoying swimming lately. I wonder what kind of sports she’ll be into when she grows up...

Well we got home around 11:30 and the three of us were knocked out- a goodnight sleep.

March 27, 2010

Julie & Julia

Just watched the movie, Julie & Julia on instant play Netflix tonight with my husband and daughter. I enjoyed it very much because it was funny, inspiring, and more because I can relate with Julie about a lot of things like living in Queens, wanting to be a writer, and starting things and not finishing them- that is me! Though I hope that one day I would be able to figure out what I really want to do in life and be able to prove it to everyone, just like Julie Powel.

From the movie, I am assuming that Julie and I are about the same age. However, she is now and successful and well-known writer and here I am in my mid thirty’s and a nobody. BUT as they say... It Is Never Too Late... I am a big believer in that.

There’s a part in the movie though that hit me and maybe the difference between Julie and I. She said that both Julia and her cook because they love their husbands so much. Well... I cook because I need to but I also love my husband. Does it mean I love my husband less because I don’t cook with joy? Well... thinking about it, whether or not, I guess I should think about it that way, that I do it to please the one I love so that I will be successful in cooking. I think that is the answer to my worries... to love what I do. I think that if maybe I give myself more credit in the things I do, I wouldn’t give up on them easily and be able to finish something and be a master of it as well. The problem with me is that I get interest on one thing, I try it, and then that’s it. I don’t go further. Does that make sense to you at all?

Anyway, I hope that after today, I would be able to write a blog everyday. I’ve had a lot of excuses for not writing but enough of that. And another thing I have on my list is to try my best to enjoy cooking because I love my husband. But I am definitely not writing a cookbook...

March 24, 2010

What To Do

My husband is going to play poker today with his officemates which means I don’t have to prepare dinner for him. All I need to worry about is Madi and myself. For some reason I am sort of panicking on what to do. I have so much things in my mind and I can’t pick or don’t know where to start. 

Okay, Madi and I have finished breakfast and also just finished watching Sesame Street. I have cleaned up the mess in the living room, cleaned up the kitchen, and made-up the bed. I guess we can now take a shower and get ready. I have no plans, still adjusting to suburban living... but hey, that’s what GPS are for. I just hope that Madi will enjoy the day as we have been stuck home the past couple of days.

It’s 11:25 and we are ready to go! Talk to you later!