March 17, 2011

Little Fashionista

Photo taken 3/15/2011
IMG_0702 by Vie Comme Elle Est
IMG_0702 a photo by Vie Comme Elle Est on Flickr.
My little girl likes to pick her own outfits now- as in from head to toe. At less than three years of age, she's surprisingly pretty good with color coordination and style so we rarely fight about her attire unless she's not dressed well for the weather. She's been tired of wearing her bubble jacket and boots and if it's chilly and she's underdressed, that's when the fight starts.

I wonder if she would be in the media/entertainment/fashion industry because right now she's just really into photos, acting, and talking. She's really a good talker- she's like in the five year old level on that aspect.

Whatever she chooses, I'd be happy as long as she grows up with good attitude and values.

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