March 28, 2011

What did you say?

One of the "tweeters" I follow just tweeted about thinking first if what you intend to say is profound before tweeting… It hit me!

There are times when you just say (or write, in the social networking world) whatever you feel like saying. Yes, it is a free country indeed. We always remind ourselves of this freedom of speech benefit that we all have. It is truly simple nowadays to express ourselves with all these new technologies that is so easy to reach as well but do you really need to let the whole world know every detail about your life?

For me, Twitter is a place of learning about your interests. I follow people who inspire me, have the same hobbies or occupation as I do, or people that I just simply admire. That's what I like about this social network, nothing has to be "personal." You can follow almost anyone you like, make conversations, and you don't even have to be friends. It's like a give and take situation with no pressure at all. You can pick the brains of an expert with no fee and best of all these experts are sharing their knowledge with all their hearts. The giving and sharing is really the best part in this.

Now in Facebook (or networks that are alike), this is more personal, I should say. This network is the place where I find my long lost friends, and all kinds of friends for that matter, or relatives. People here could be a close friend or just someone you've met once at a party many years ago. But since they are all in the same category, "friends", you think that they are your friends even though they are not. They are not interested about what you have to say or what's going on between you and your boyfriend. You keep on changing your status from "single" to "complicated" to "in a relationship" like you think it's funny for everyone or everyone cares. It's just my point of view… I love Facebook but even though it's a network for friends, please don't forget to think twice before you post anything. Is it something funny for all (not an inside joke that some would misinterpret)? Is it a helpful and kind message? Just think before you post. And hey, if you want a fight, not online please… I am not talking about particular people in Facebook (in case any of my "friends" are reading my blog…). I am actually guilty of some of these negativities but I am pretty much aware now of these things so I try to be careful and I am also just sharing my thoughts to enlighten "you" (if you feel I am talking to you). Oh come on… just admit it, your guilty too…

Well I hope to hear more good news next time peeps! Stay happy and live well!

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