April 27, 2011

Hand Made for My Princess Butterfly's 3rd Birthday

Dearest Madi,
    Take some time and enjoy your journey to the fullest. I love you and I will always be here for you whenever you need me.


April 21, 2011

Cycling Mishaps

My little girl rode her bike yesterday. She could definitely do it but easily gets tired (or should I say lazy) of working her feet with the pedals. And even though she knows her left and right, she just couldn't seem to control the wheels- she goes and then bumps on trees and gutters. She had fun anyway.

April 18, 2011

Notice: Busy Spring Bee

Yesterday was sort of the official first day of spring for me. On the way to church in the morning was a nice breeze of sunshine, felt good to wear a light trench coat and flat shoes, bought tulips and a few other spring stuff. Ahh… finally it's here...

I was thinking about all the activities that will happen starting Easter Sunday. As always, spring to summer will be full of birthdays, celebrations, and gatherings for our family. Aside from that, I plan to learn some important new things and also spend more time to be creative and productive rather than being the opposite.

I will be a bit quiet but I'll probably be posting pictures every now and then to show off some stuff I've created or anything like that. So I hope you guys stick around or better yet follow my updates on Twitter. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime.

Happy Spring!

April 17, 2011

Take Flight, My Butterfly.

My baby girl is turning 3 in two weeks. She has been talking about having a birthday party and that she wants a pogo stick as a gift (that's all she wants, if you ask her.). Just yesterday she said she wants to have wings and be a butterfly on her birthday. So now I am collecting all these ideas for her party in my mind and I am getting excited.

It will be a "just family" affair but us alone is already pretty big. Adults would be 30 people and kids 10. For the small place we have, that would be crowded. All relatives have confirmed and I am glad that all Madi's cousins are going to be present. She will definitely have a blast playing all day.

Jon and I have got our menu ready, ordered Madi's butterfly wings, got the give-aways too, and have the decorations figured out. Two weeks to prepare… I hope Madi will love it.

April 12, 2011

Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away...

Yesterday was so gorgeous! Just the weather everyone was wishing for. It was in the 80's! 

We just got back from a road trip over the weekend and since I wasn't aware and totally didn't expect it would be nice (I was feeling hopeless with the weather we've been having), I started my day cleaning up and doing all our laundry from the trip. As soon as I was done, Madi and I walked outside to enjoy the sunshine and warm breeze. 

We went up the hill behind our place. I love going there every possible time. It's quiet and all you can hear is the breeze of the air. If I'm lucky, sometimes rabbits pop out of the tall bushes. I love watching them and try to imagine the Peter Rabbit stories.


Madi was in the mood to walk. She says to me, "Mommy, I'm having so much fun!" Well to me that is all that matters. All I really want is for her to have a good time so we walked some more and went all the way to the park. On the way, there is this newly built big house with a sheep barn. I feel like I'm stalking this house but it is just so beautiful! We went around it (well not on purpose) because it stands just by the park entrance.

There is the sheep barn behind Madi.
Closer look at the sheeps. 
The big farm house.
This is the back of that house.
We stayed and sat a bit by a bonfire place we spotted by the lake. As the sun was starting to set, we then began to head back home. 

Yesterday was indeed a wonderful day and today is again another rainy day and in the 50's… (sigh) What can we do? We can't control the weather so let's just enjoy each day in any way we can, no matter the weather.

April 7, 2011

I'm Sort of Being a Drain Today.

I blogged this poster in my Tumblr a month ago or so. The words struck me upon stumbling on another blog of Dan Goodwin about ways to find more energy on being creative. He said that there are three ways and one of them seems to be like the hardest for me to follow which is getting rid of people in our lives that somewhat gives us negative energy and hinders us to reach our goals or creative destination.

I think it's inevitable to get rid of this type of people that Goodwin calls "drains." I'm pretty sure that almost everyone has at least one of this type of person in their lives. I feel like I'd be a bad friend to get rid or ignore these people in mine. So I'm just thinking of a better way to handle it.

I have not thought of a way but Goodwin is definitely correct about trying to ignore somehow such people and I just had to remind myself of his blog today because some fake (to be exact) people and liars are annoying me at this moment that I can't seem to concentrate and do what I need and want to do. It is really not worth my energy at all, I know that but it's obviously affecting me… The good thing is I still have lots of friends, fellow bloggers, and good music that encourages and lifts me up, and thanks to Goodwin's blog! I had added it up to my favorites so I can read it when I need to (like today). 

This was his blog post: http://coachcreative.com/abigcreativeyes/2011/02/20/3-ways-to-magically-find-more-energy-to-be-more-creative/

This was mine in Tumblr: http://eonabritta.tumblr.com/post/3503422932/another-poster-i-got-from-tps-blog

Hoping you are all having a peaceful mind and heart!

April 6, 2011

Stampington Magazines! I love you!

I've stumbled upon a Stampington magazine sometime last year at a bookstore. First one I saw was a magazine on scrapbooking. Then I noticed they had other more that are all interesting for me. I like almost all kinds of crafts- especially if it's something to do with papers and journaling. In short, I got hooked on all the Stampington magazines- they have everything that I wanted, from scrapbooking to blogging. They are just so inspiring magazines. It is what has made me write more than usual and made me do some crafts. I'm a very busy mom and at least these magazines has made me done some stuff for myself. Small things that helped me get by and grow and happy. Being a full-time house wife could be stressful at times especially when you feel like everything that you are doing is only for your family and you missed out on doing a little bit for yourself. Writing and doing some arts give me a little pleasure and so I do it whenever I can and whenever I need it.

I got a new one today and I can't wait to sit with a cup of tea and be inspired.

April 3, 2011

One of the unfinished projects.

I originally wanted to make my own website from scratch (like learning html). This is what I had started and I had www.eonago.com. Then I bought a MacBook and iWeb came with it which made it so easy so I just used it instead. Then my hard drive gave up on me and lost all my files and I started using Blogger so now I have www.eonasdesk.blogspot.com. I still want to learn html and A LOT of other things. I realized that I am so not good at finishing anything. Just like the French class I enrolled in recently… This is so not good and I don't want Madi to grow up with such a bad example. I have got to figure out how to go about all these unfinished projects I have.

The first step would probably be listing down all these items and then put them in order and make sure to do them one at a time. I think the biggest reason I don't get anything done is I try to do a lot at one time. There is normally no concentration involved in the process so I've got to learn to take it one step at a time this time. Second is time management. I always have excuses why I can't do this and do that today. It's about time I handle time properly or I will be forever saying "I don't have enough time." I have got to make time.

Alright, I better get my notebook and make that first step. Wish me luck, friends!