About Me

Hello! My name is Eona.

I love my two girls more than anything.

I am a nature girl- I like going to parks. In fact, one of the things on my bucket list is to see all the National Parks in America. I garden, compost, and recycle as much as I can.

I like to take pictures A LOT! Especially nowadays with having these accessible gadgets like the iPhones, no films needed, takes fairly great photos... who wouldn't take pictures of every random things that catches your eyes.

I am a crafty kind of girl and it seems like my first born is too so we do arts and crafts together when we are just hanging at home. We do mixed media, painting, scrapbook, and all kinds of paper crafts. Maybe the toddler would be into it as well because she now knows her colors and showing appreciation in scribbling.

I like to clean and organize my home (because I like my environment looking pretty and neat) but it does not mean I am happy cleaning when members of the household just mess things up. I mean come on... 

A few years ago, I saw this sign at a store in Toronto, "Be more, need less." Since then, that has been my motto. I live in simplicity, in truth, and in love.


Has been a way for me to share what I can share and learn and grow from other's blogs. You give and you get... 

I share thoughts, ideas, creations, comments or reviews.

I share about events and travels.

I just have one rule- no negative vibes. I am not a perfect person but I try to stick to being positive in any way and in all aspects of my being.

Welcome to my site!

I am always a work in progress and I would appreciate any comments that would be helpful for me (or you). Thanks!

God bless.