January 20, 2012

Together Again

My little girl and I have a ritual of going to book stores, libraries, and bakeries/coffee shops at least twice a week. It has been our thing for so long (since she was even less that 1 year old). But since mid December (because we got so busy with the moving and all that), we have not had time to bond just the two of us. Most of the time, daddy's been "working from home" and we've been having grandma and grandpa over most days as well since they have been helping us settle in our new home (not that I'm complaining about that part).

Today, we finally got to spend time together again! Dad could not afford to join us while lola (grandma) & lolo (grandpa) were just still on the way to us. So we went to Barnes&Noble and Starbucks. Hung out and read a few.

Here she was, holding her bag of books we bought.
I can tell that she enjoyed our short and swell time with each other and so did I:) Hopefully we can go back to our routine soon.

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