October 10, 2008

Pretty In Pink

I just watched Jon Cryer today at the Bonnie Hunt show- love him. It gives me so much memories of the eightees. I was a Pretty In Pink fanatic ( I had the VHS and tape soundtrack) when I was young. I even asked for an old pink gown from my aunt and converted it into a different style to wear on my grade school graduation at PS 102. How I wish I still have pictures of that event because my cousin, Chiqui, laughed so hard when she saw those photos that it embarrassed me and made me tore all the pictures. She didn’t laugh at my dress actually but my make-up (she thought it was too much).
Anyway, I continued to be a Pretty In Pink fan and during high school we had a “modelling subject” and what I did was asked (this time) my mom for her (also) high school modelling dress and I again sort of restored it and wore it. However, I don’t remember why I don’t have any picture of it as well- anyone of my Gracean mates have any?
My favorite scenes from the movie are when Duckie (Jon Cryer) danced in the record shop where Andie (Molly Ringwald) works, then of course the part when Blane (Andrew Mc Carthy) did the computer thing to be able to speak with Andie, and last is the mushy ending…

October 7, 2008

I Heart New York

Here we are (Madi and I) again at Starbucks killing time. Every now and then, whenever I am parked on a cleaning side of the street we have to do this. We would hang out at Starbucks or Toys R Us for two hours. Sometimes it’s ok but most of the time it is very inconvenient because we have to drop everything we are doing at home just to move the car. It’s what you get for living in New York- parking is always a problem.
Jon is currently assigned to a project in Citibank and luckily, the office is just near our place that he’s been able to bike to work. First, he couldn’t use his original bike because he’s afraid for it to be stolen so he bought a cheap one. Well guess what? Last Thursday the bike seat was still stolen! So then he had to buy a new seat plus a lock which you will still never know if someone can break it.
I want to live where there is enough space for parking (and everything else), where you’ll feel safe and secure, where people are friendly and nice, where there’s plenty of green, fresh air, and beautiful parks to enjoy.
Don’t get me wrong because I love New York. I lived here as a kid once and moved back here to work nine years ago. But now that I am married and with a baby, it seems like this is not the place I want to live anymore. For one thing, apartments are so tight that I can’t even buy my baby a walker. With the three of us, we are so running out of closet space. I’m tired of getting paranoid whenever I forget to put the club or alarm on the car. I’m tired of the nasty strangers I encounter in public. I’m sick of the dirty, crowded, and stinky subways. I’m just tired and I want to relax and New York is just not relaxing.
But again…I love New York. It has been good to me and it has made me a tough survivor. I still love broadways so when my baby’s big enough to watch, we’d visit the city once in awhile. The first thing I want her to see is the Christmas Spectacular though.

October 6, 2008

Our Struggling Life

I think struggles in life is what makes one a better person and without it, life will not have much meaning. We may not be struggling about money but have struggles in other aspects of our life. Struggles makes us achieve our goals in life. Life is not easy but it is good no matter what. It is exciting, mysterious, and challenging. Imagine if everything were predictable then there would be nothing for us to look forward to and work for. So let us embrace struggle as if it were a friend.

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I have been thinking of what I can do for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (aside from wearing my pink bracelet). My grandmother died of breast cancer, I have had a breast cyst removed and so everytime I hear something about breast cancer, I get concerned.
I just received an email today from a friend. She shared about having a sister who was diagnosed with the disease and information on how we can prevent and detect (if we have) breast cancer. It is indeed important for all of us to know these things so I decided to forward her email to my usual email pals and to spread it even more, I am posting it on my blog for everyone to read (below). Stay healthy you all!
Dear Friends,

My sister has been diagnosed for Breast Cancer, at the tender age of 31.  It has been a rigorous fight and battle for 7 years now.  She is truly amazing and  continues to live life to the fullest with her family,  despite of this dreadful disease.
I am sure everyone knows somebody with breast cancer. October marks breast cancer awareness month so I thought I would write   about all the things you can do to control breast cancer risks. Surprisingly, there is a lot you can’
t control. This makes it even more important to look at what you can control and commit to making changes that can make a huge difference. Here are the risk factors: (taken at Susan Komen website) and you would want to share this to your mother, grandmother, sister, relatives and friends. 
    * Having a first menstrual period before age 12 or entering menopause at age 55 or later increases a woman’s exposure to estrogen and may therefore increase risk.
    * Not having children or having the first child after age 30, as well as not breast feeding, increases risk.
    * HRT (Hormonal Replacement Therapy) after menopause increases risk and the risk increases the longer the hormones are taken.
    * Women with inherited BRCA genetic mutations have a much higher risk; however, only 5 - 10% of all breast cancer cases are in women with the BRCA mutation.
    * A family history of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer are also risk factors.
    * Current or recent use of birth control pills, being tall, being overweight, lack of exercise.

 Every month at age 20, you should start  BSE (Self Breast Examination)
The most important thing is to know what your breasts look like and feel like, If you see any of the following symptoms, see your doctor right away:
  • Swelling
  • A lump
  • Skin irritation
  • Dimpling
  • Pain in the nipple
  • A turning inward of the nipple
  • Redness or scaliness of the nipple or breast skin
  • Discharge from the nipple other than breast milk
For 4 years now, I do mammogram screening as per my primary physician’s recommendation.  Hearing the word mammogram - smashing, squeezing your breasts too tight - you will definitely be freaked out, but believe me,  I’ve had lots of mammogram, the hurt is short lived and nothing hurts like breast cancer and it hurts for a long time!

Being a woman is the greatest risk factor. We can’t control our genetic make-up or when we started our menstrual cycle. Many of the other factors are related to lifestyle. That we can control. This is where awareness helps.

Early detection is the best defense.


Take Care everyone and Have a Blessed Day!

warm regards,
C H I Q U I  :)

October 1, 2008

Usual Day

My friend, Sheila, asked me last weekend, “what is your usual day like?.” Well mainly, I take care of my baby- feed her, bathe her, play with her… if I can squeeze in cooking dinner for my husband and I, I would, clean the house, and laundry. Madi and I walk to the grocery almost everyday (it’s exercise and errand at the same time). Maybe once or twice a week we’d hang out at Starbucks (I do some reading and writing). I have also been doing some scrapbooking which helps me relax. Every after dinner we’d walk outside again (the three of us)- walk around the block or park OR the grocery again:) Once Madi’s asleep by nine, if Jon and I are not sleepy yet, we’d watch a movie and eat junk foods (most of the time Root Beer Float and chips). And that is my usual day!