October 10, 2008

Pretty In Pink

I just watched Jon Cryer today at the Bonnie Hunt show- love him. It gives me so much memories of the eightees. I was a Pretty In Pink fanatic ( I had the VHS and tape soundtrack) when I was young. I even asked for an old pink gown from my aunt and converted it into a different style to wear on my grade school graduation at PS 102. How I wish I still have pictures of that event because my cousin, Chiqui, laughed so hard when she saw those photos that it embarrassed me and made me tore all the pictures. She didn’t laugh at my dress actually but my make-up (she thought it was too much).
Anyway, I continued to be a Pretty In Pink fan and during high school we had a “modelling subject” and what I did was asked (this time) my mom for her (also) high school modelling dress and I again sort of restored it and wore it. However, I don’t remember why I don’t have any picture of it as well- anyone of my Gracean mates have any?
My favorite scenes from the movie are when Duckie (Jon Cryer) danced in the record shop where Andie (Molly Ringwald) works, then of course the part when Blane (Andrew Mc Carthy) did the computer thing to be able to speak with Andie, and last is the mushy ending…