October 9, 2010

Time For Myself

For the longest time, I have kept on asking my husband to give me time for myself- meaning, a little break from taking care of our baby and doing things for myself (like blogging, scrapbooking... just anything that I enjoy and FOR MYSELF). But I have never really been able to get that "time off" because as long as I am at home and I see or hear them both, there is no stopping me from doing all the things I normally do for the household. I'm sure all the mothers out there know what I mean...

Finally, after twenty nine months, I have found a way to get my time! I just go out to the gym, bring a reading material, and listen to my own music. It feels good to have at least half an hour or so without me opening my mouth calling, "Madi, let's eat! Madi, time to take a bath! Jon, can you do this for me!" Aside from the peace and quiet, I get to exercise which is a good thing, right?

Always Together

Being a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am glad that I am able to spend all my time with Madi, see her grow and learn new things, and guide her in every step.