November 20, 2014


My girls are both a handful. My 1-1/2 year old is expected to be at her age. However, my older one (6-1/2 years old) became so dependent and changed in a lot of ways ever since her sister was born- sort of trying to get my attention all the time. You won't see it though from her relationship with her baby sister because they are truly the sweetest sisters you'll ever see. The bottom line is I have two kids that are both wants my full attention at this point in my life. 

Most days I'm in my pajamas all day (unless I have errands to do) and when I finally am able to take a shower, it would be sleeping time again. I never really wear make-up or blow dry my hair and all that kind of stuff. I'm a wash and wear type of woman. However, it embarrasses me whenever I bring out my older kid to the door when her bus arrives and the driver would see me wearing my big white robe and when she's dropped off from school I'm still in it. I kind of gotten used to it since I've been doing it since I was pregnant with the second one until last week. 

I made a decision a week ago that I will get out of my pajamas everyday no matter what (even though I have no plans of going somewhere else). I thought it will help me feel energized doing my tasks at home. I thought it will help me feel better, not lousy. I thought it would be helpful and positive to look at least presentable, not having the out-of-the-bed look all the time. I thought it is just the right thing to do. I know, I know... it's a no brainer. For some reason it just became a habit of mine to stay in pjs all day and being busy taking care of my girls became the excuse. Then I realized that taking care of myself a little bit also would be nice for my children because I would feel less stress and I would be yelling less when they become annoying. 

So far it has been working. Plus, I get compliments from my girls like, "I like your sweater, mom." Funny, it's like they have never seen the clothes I wore this past week. Getting out of my pajama is not the only thing I need to do for myself but it is a start. Next would probably be taking time to exercise. Wish me luck!

November 12, 2014

Super duper overdue introduction...

What can I say again... I have been away and obviously this "joy" is my excuse but all is good, I have been a very busy mom. I will not get into details- you know all the stuff that happens after you deliver a child… sleepless nights, diapers, not to mention some adjustments I need to deal with my first born from being an only child for five years to suddenly being a big sister… Most days are crazy- can't sleep, can't take a shower, or (please excuse me but I am just being honest) poop. So how in the world would I have time to blog and all. Maybe, hopefully, one day, I would be able to figure that part out. I love my "little women" and all the poops that come with it. Apart from longing for a long hours of sleep, I feel totally blessed and I do not feel a need for anything else except for my kids to be happy and healthy. Again, you know all these things already so... To all you loves, I want to introduce my second, beautiful, chubby, cheeky, Baby Morgan! By the way, she is now twenty months old. Better late than never, so they say...

At 20 months, she now talks in sentences, she can count 1-10 (actually sometimes above) in four languages, she knows her colors, and alphabets. She can sing and dance. Most of all she is a joy to all. She adores her big sister and makes the whole household happy every single day.

I sometimes post updates, photos, or videos of her on Feel free to visit it.

That's Morgan!

July 8, 2014

Well Hello, Me Stranger!

I know... pretty bad huh... I didn't expect that having two (and TRULY without a dedicated "me time" and "work space") would get me this far of being gone. It has been pretty tough and to be honest there are times that I wish to be in a different place. Do not get me wrong- I love my kids, they are my greatest blessings in life. BUT life is not always happy and easy. See I never wanted to post  any negative vibes and that is another reason why I disappeared. Though I know that life cannot be perfect all the time, I want to have positive effects on people, be an inspiration to others. I still want to be that way but with today's (and perhaps occasionally) exception, I would like to be me as is and (with your permission) rant. It is hard for me to go into details but I am just saying that daily routines and situations have been pretty hard on me. At least it is how I feel and I just need to let it out. I guess this is another way of relieving stress or whatever this is I am going through and thank you for listening (rather, reading). So this is what ranting in social media feels like... I better publish this quickly before I change my mind...

November 16, 2012

It's Good To Be Back

After months of being away from this, I am happy to be back. I know I have said that I will be away for the summer (to spend most of my time with my family… outings, vacations… you know how busy we get during this time of the year…) but it turned out to be for another reason.

On July 5th, I found out that I was pregnant! So there you go… I went through my first trimester during the most heated summer ever (at least for me). I was always nauseous, lazy, tired… just the worst feeling or situation to be in. Considering the fact that I still have to do all my mommy duties despite of it all. But now I am glad it is all over! I am now on my 24th week and feeling great! 

There is so many things to catch up on but I am a happy pregnant woman. I am appreciating all that I have- my family, friends, and all the love I get and give. Most of all, I am excited to have this baby inside me. It has been a fun ride raising my first one and this second one excites me abundantly. I truly cannot ask for anything more.

I have a lot to tell but before anything else, I would like to share my latest belly picture.

23 weeks
Oh and yes, it's another girl! My Madi is also excited to be a big sister.

June 27, 2012

Missing this and my baby...

It is almost half past 11 and both my baby and hubby are asleep which seldom happens. After putting Madi to sleep and taking a shower, I found my husband snoring so I grabbed my laptop downstairs to get some time alone. It feels so good to sit here and finally post something-  or at least just to be able to let you know that I am missing this. As we all know, when the weather is this great, we all get busy outside and that is why I have been out of touch. 

However, things have been busy but all good. Spring has just ended and now we are starting with summer. I am loving the flowers, birds, bees, butterflies… We have been visiting parks and enjoying nature. On top of everything, I am simply taking advantage of my little girl's company- I want to be with her, do many things with her, teach her, love her, get to know her more and vice versa... as she will start schooling this year. I want to prepare her and myself (wink)... I am actually missing her now (sad face)...

So my friends, I am sure you understand my absence in this realm and I hope that you all are having a good summer (or winter, spring, fall… wherever in the world you may be). Be happy, be good, be at peace. God bless and until I blog again (hopefully not too long from now).