November 16, 2012

It's Good To Be Back

After months of being away from this, I am happy to be back. I know I have said that I will be away for the summer (to spend most of my time with my family… outings, vacations… you know how busy we get during this time of the year…) but it turned out to be for another reason.

On July 5th, I found out that I was pregnant! So there you go… I went through my first trimester during the most heated summer ever (at least for me). I was always nauseous, lazy, tired… just the worst feeling or situation to be in. Considering the fact that I still have to do all my mommy duties despite of it all. But now I am glad it is all over! I am now on my 24th week and feeling great! 

There is so many things to catch up on but I am a happy pregnant woman. I am appreciating all that I have- my family, friends, and all the love I get and give. Most of all, I am excited to have this baby inside me. It has been a fun ride raising my first one and this second one excites me abundantly. I truly cannot ask for anything more.

I have a lot to tell but before anything else, I would like to share my latest belly picture.

23 weeks
Oh and yes, it's another girl! My Madi is also excited to be a big sister.