May 9, 2012

Madi Loves Lola

 Dec 2009
"Lola" is "grandma" in our language (Filipino). My baby girl has loved my mom from the first time they met. I am not jealous to say (but proud) that she might be even fonder of Lola than me.

My girl likes to dress, talk, and move like Lola. When we go to restaurants, she orders the same food as Lola's and even if grandma is not with us, she asks me sometimes, "What do you think Lola would order or is eating right now?" As I brush her teeth last night, she says that she misses Lola. She writes letters for Lola a lot and it always says, "I love Lola very very much." It is amusingly sweet how she admires and loves my mom.

People would laugh and joke saying, "What did Lola feed Madi?" Like she gave her potion or some sort. But I know exactly why she adores Lola so much! Lola is like her second mom. Lola is her playmate, she is her friend, Lola reads to her, feeds her, takes care of her. She feels that she is truly loved by her.

I am lucky to have felt loved by my grandparents too. I have good memories with them and so I am grateful for my mom for giving my baby wonderful moments to be remembered and kept in her heart forever.
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