August 16, 2011

To Or Not To

I am currently confused, worried, and also torn about so many things lately but I guess it comes with aging. Getting older means more responsibilities and decisions to make. Don't get me wrong- I am not complaining although it could be an excuse for not being able to blog regularly.

I'm getting older and so does my child- she is now 39 months. So now I'm in this "should I bring her to part time school or not?" If then, picking one is another concern. After that, I would also then be asking myself if I should go out and look for a part time job as well and if then, where, how… etc. etc.

Meanwhile, just last week, I found out that we have to move to another place (due to my husband's job). I am excited partly because I like the idea of having the chance to do some interior decorating and such but everyone knows that it is not that easy to look for an apartment or a house that matches all your criteria and budget. Plus the fact that you need to pack and carry your things, and then unpack- oh boy...

These are just a few of the things that are on my mind right now. There are other more stuff that you might find shallow… Like, I have been thinking too if whether I should deactivate my Facebook account or not;) But all I'm saying is that it is definitely normal for problems to arise. Big or small, often or not… It's all still good. We must always take worries as challenges and opportunities. 

Have a good day everyone! Let's all stay positive.