January 26, 2011

Talk About The Weather...

This is probably the most snow I've seen in ten years of being here in New York. I mean how many snows have we gotten since Christmas? It is just too much... Well at least New York is not that bad because it's almost always ready for it- we spend a lot for it to be cleaned straight away. However, I still feel sorry for most people who has to go through it all. I feel lucky that I'm just home right now with my baby. I can imagine that I would be going crazy if I had to go to work with this kind of situation.

I have a couple of siblings in Virginia and boy... they are one of those States that are not equipped to snow storms. They are all literally stranded. For instance, my brother and his family... husband and wife goes to work, two kids are at a baby sitter. They are all going to sleep tonight separated except for the two boys with the same sitter. They all drove for hours and hours in traffics but really impossible to get home. Poor family... but I'm glad they are all safe even though they are not together for the night and hopefully they could all be home tomorrow.

My baby and I will have a long day tomorrow and I am happy she is now sound asleep in her bed. I wish for a better weather tomorrow and for everyone to be warm and safe.

January 25, 2011

Missing You

I'm sorry to have missed you the past days... I still love you but I've just found this most convenient way to post a blog which is Tumblr. I can do it so easily with my IPhone, you know. However, the profile settings here and all are still different and that's why I still love you. Tumblr is just like a Twitter where you can share photos and text instantly except that compared to Twitter, you can send a longer text, a blog. But whenever I have time, I still prefer sitting on my desk, in front of the computer to gather my thoughts and type rather than typing on the phone. I'll just do Tumblr in other instances. Ok? So I hope you're not upset because I am still here. Muwah!

January 18, 2011

Ready Or Not

In less than four months, my baby will turn three... I'm still trying to decide if I want to organize a party or just make it strictly relatives. Most of all, I have been going through Madi's first and second birthday photos and reminiscing how she was before. She has really grown a lot and I can't believe it. I'm happy to realize all the developments and yet sad to think how fast time flies... I don't want her to grow too quickly.

It used to be (during the newborn stage to one year old) exciting with all the firsts: smile, laugh, word, roll, step, tooth... etc. Then she turns two and she's walking, talking too much, and tells you what she wants and all that (she now has a mind of her own, so to speak). They say "terrible two" so does that mean I should be looking forward for her to turn three? I know she could be a pain in the neck sometimes at this age (oh boy... I'm just looking at all the mess right now in front of me while writing this) but somehow I wish she could remain two for a little bit longer because I love how sweet she is right now, how she would beg her dad to not work and just stay home with us, that she would kiss me every time I ask, that she never wants me to leave her side... 

I just can't imagine my life without her yet. It may sound selfish if I say that I'm scared when she goes to school and have friends, she'll be happier without me around but that's how I feel sometimes. I'm afraid when the time comes she'd be embarrass to kiss and hug me in front of other people... What can I do, right? Growing up is a part of life and I have to accept the fact that whether I am ready or not, she will grow and have a life of her own. I just wish that I will be able to be a good mother to her and I wish she would grow to be a good person too and have a good life. She's the best thing to me...

January 16, 2011

I am Such A Bummer

Urgh! I hate myself whenever I make a booboo... Such a freakin idiot me sometimes... Had a fantastic time with fantastic friends on Friday and Saturday (not just that but it's also the first birthday of baby Liah)! Then because I wanted to fix something on my camera's settings, I accidentally deleted the photos taken the past two days. Oh boy... Really urgh!!!

BUT, I am currently enjoying the last few minutes of the Golden Globe awards and my Madi gave me a long sweet hug before she slept tonight so I still thank God for this day and for giving me such a sweet, loving, and smart little girl.

Talk to yous later!

January 14, 2011

No title, just "blabbing."

Yes, that's right, that is the actual word of the day, "blabbing." If any of my visitors tonight reads my blog, they would know what exactly I am talking about. Oh well... enough about those "blabbing peeps"- they are not worth my thoughts, emotions, energy, or time.

Anyway, I had a few friends from high school over tonight at home. A couple were from out of State and one was just from next town. I like entertaining guests. I'm not a good cook like Martha Stewart but I just enjoy trying to be one and I enjoy having people in the house once in awhile.

It's now 2:40 a.m. so I should be hitting the bed now. I'm not sleepy yet but I have to try as tomorrow (tomorrow is today now, actually.) will be another busy day. I hope you all have a good weekend.

January 13, 2011

Bla Bla Bla

Look, I am a full-time mom, I have too much on my plate everyday with all the house work, the baby, errands and what not. But guess what, I am never going to make that as an excuse anymore and interfere with my writing. I will write, write, write every single day no matter what time of the day. I am not going to wait for the quiet moment or for some fuckin inspiration to appear before I say that I can write. I'll just write. Got it?

So, the plan would be... I'll do all my job as a mother and a wife. I'll write whenever there's a chance for me to sit on my desk, and I'll just write anything that pops in my head. I'm not going to care about certain topics or flow that I want this blog to be. It will just simply be me blabbing. Who cares... for all I know, nobody reads my blog anyway (LOL). Hey, not funny.

January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

It's been awhile again... I've been busy with all the holidays and something else (some of you may know what I mean). But I am a bit better now. I have many plans for the year 2011 and certainly looking forward to it. For now, I just want to wish you all a happy new year. May this year be full of love, hope, happiness, and prosperity for you all. And the most important thing is peace on earth. I truly hope that the war would be over, economy would get better, and that everyone will contribute in any way they can to save the planet for the future of our children's children. Happy new year!!!