March 30, 2011

127 Hours

This is a pretty late feedback. Since Jon & I had Madi, we haven't been to the movies except twice. First, when Madi was probably about four months old, we brought her with us to see The Dark Knight. Second was New Moon when my sister-in-law insisted she'd babysit so we could have a "date" somehow. So the situation really is "Netflix." I wait until the movie comes out on Blu-ray and borrow it from Netflix. Yahoo! I got my 127 Hours yesterday… but didn't get to see it until today… We've all been sick in the house, you know. 

Well I just want to say that Franco dear deserved the nomination. I truly liked him: I think he's cute and I liked him in the Spiderman series. BUT I got really turned off at the Oscars. I thought he kinda looked like he was high that night. Well him and the lady co-host as well… But this movie was amazing! Story and acting wise.

The story made me cry. It made me appreciate more EVERYTHING that God is providing us: nature, family and all loved ones. The movie also emphasizes that if you have the heart to live in this world, you would live. That guy Aron Ralston is seriously a wonderful person! He really has that positive energy in him. The physical strength really would not matter if he didn't have that heart to survive. I know for sure that if I were in his shoes, I'd be dead. In a matter of a few hours being stuck in there and knowing I lost an arm, I'd probably praying to God to kill me now. Aaron was not that at all. Gosh, I envy him. I'm almost thirty six years old and may be I can't change myself anymore but I'm going to try- I want to be like him and I want my kid to have his attitude. Way to go, Aron! You inspired millions of people through your story and you still do. And James Franco, great job on this one- you're a winner!

This is a must see for all types of people. I think that no matter where you are in life, this will inspire you and would make you want to live and be a good person.

Before I sleep, I want to search for the cool music they had on the movie. They're upbeat and gives such a positive vibe. It will be awesome for my running. Goodnight everyone.

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