February 17, 2012


It has been very cold here in New Jersey and I have been down with cough and cold for almost two weeks now and still busy with my normal routines at home as a mom, wife, and daughter. My Dad's been with us for sometime now helping us settle nicely in our new home. Yes, I am very lucky to have such a father.

I treasure every moment I spend with all my love ones- my family and friends. Last week, a friend from our old neighborhood in New York visited us. A mother and daughter (Jasz and Jael) just like Madi and I whom we used to have playdates with. Just like every relationship I treasure, I love this friendship we've built with this other mom and daughter team. Madi and I had a lot of fun having them with us again after a long time.

The two girls have not seen each other for almost a year but they hit it off at once. One whole day was not even enough for them (neither for us moms). Jael wanted to sleep over (hopefully next time) and she said to her mom, "… but we're having so much fun…" It especially amused me watching them talk to each other and play. It seemed just like yesterday when they both just stayed in their strollers and sleep while Jasz and I happily chat at coffee shops.

I compiled our photos and videos last week. Plus another slideshow of photos of me and Madi a few days before. I hope you too enjoy your togetherness with the people in your lives as much as I do.



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