March 30, 2011

To do:

Sometimes it helps a little when I show people my to do list, I tend to accomplish more than normal. Here it goes…

1. Laundry
  • whites
  • colored
  • Madi's
  • linens… (I'm sure I'll discover more later.)
2. Vacuum
3. Clean 2 BRs
4. Organize closets
5. Organize the party give-aways
6. How to's in cutting hair
7. Organize Madi's toys

This list is aside from my duties for Madi: giving her baths, feeding her, nebulizing her, playing with her… I should be able to do at least two of the above list. Plus, I hope I can find time to do something for myself, like painting or writing. 11a.m. now!

Final Report:
1:18 AM (3/31/2011)
Ok, looks like I've just accomplished two.
I had a good day though. Madi and I had the chance to play outside and I was able to use my camera.
Bad news are… hubby came home early sick (starting to have allergy too) and Madi threw up again tonight on her bed. Which means I did more laundry than planned and that we're all still sick in the house. Urgh.

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