January 13, 2011

Bla Bla Bla

Look, I am a full-time mom, I have too much on my plate everyday with all the house work, the baby, errands and what not. But guess what, I am never going to make that as an excuse anymore and interfere with my writing. I will write, write, write every single day no matter what time of the day. I am not going to wait for the quiet moment or for some fuckin inspiration to appear before I say that I can write. I'll just write. Got it?

So, the plan would be... I'll do all my job as a mother and a wife. I'll write whenever there's a chance for me to sit on my desk, and I'll just write anything that pops in my head. I'm not going to care about certain topics or flow that I want this blog to be. It will just simply be me blabbing. Who cares... for all I know, nobody reads my blog anyway (LOL). Hey, not funny.

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