August 14, 2009

Madi In Starbucks

Madi and I are here in Starbucks (one of my favorite routines). I like to read or write when I am here. Normally, my girl would be asleep in her stroller but today she is awake, smiling and saying “hi” to everyone, and she is sitting on a regular chair which makes it hard for me to concentrate reading (I will start on Breaking Dawn today, by the way). However, I am having fun after all. This baby of mine is such a social butterfly and I cannot believe how fast she has grown. She is staring at every table to catch attention by showing her funny face and tongue. In this aspect, I would say that she is a total opposite of me. I remember being a shy girl (and maybe until now).

I think we have to get out of here in a bit because Madi’s disturbing people with their readings and such.

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