April 25, 2012

Getting Used To The New

I like old stuff (in general)… I try to hold on to things I like for as long as I can. These days, there's been a lot of new things going on in my life. 

Well one is this new Blogger look. I feel kind of weird writing on this new format. I was happy and used to the old one- like I can write with my eyes closed and still know which button to press (wink).

We have a new house that we've been working on a lot lately. Well we moved four months ago but it was winter time so it's only now we get to work outside (backyard and all). We're definitely happy but we cannot do away with adjustments. We have become used to living in apartments and townhouses where everything was done for us like landscaping, mowing, plowing and such. So the past couple of days, my husband and I have been working in our yard- digging, raking, cutting, and mulching. Fun doing and learning something new but truly some hard work! Oh boy, we have taken heaps of Advil the past two days!

The major new for me is in a few days, my little girl will turn 4 (this is why I can't sleep yet now). I am excited and looking forward to new milestones in her life though. I just registered her this morning for Pre-K 4 this coming September. She'll be gone for two and a half hours five days a week. Since she was born, we have ALWAYS been together. I will not deny that there are times I feel I need a time off when she's being a pain but I am used to being with her. Now I am trying to figure out what I would do with the two hours or so that she'll be gone.

Life is simply beautiful that way, I guess. Things change and all you have to do is get used to these changes. Plus, these changes are something to look forward to. Like the seasons, when it's winter, you get tired of snow that you cannot wait for summer to go to the beach and it just goes on and on- we get tired of each season as well as look forward to every season. So if you are sad now, do not dwell on it because tomorrow, there is something that will make you happy. 

Which reminds me… after all the hard work today, I will get some pampering tomorrow at the salon. Something to look forward to and a reason to sleep now. Yeepee! xox 

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