October 6, 2010

Talk About Blogging Etiquettes

Read in a magazine this morning... (Artful Blogging- Aug/Sept/Oct 2010 Issue) Good to have known that there is such a thing as "blogging etiquettes." If not, then I would have not been here right now. As you can see, there are big gaps in every blog I have here. It's like now you read me, now you don't. It's my biggest problem. I want to do this but just can't seem to do it right.

One of the rules is "Do: Let your readers know if you're to be away from your blog for awhile, and tell them when you'll be back. That way, they won't have to keep checking back to look for a post that does not appear." Apparently, I think I must have said many times how sorry I was to be away and that I promise to stay from then on or something to that effect. But then, I disappear again... Ok, now, I won't apologize. Let's just see how finding out about this etiquette will affect me. I hope it brings me to the right path. I truly want this thing to be a routine and... just everything I hope this blogging to be. It has been years and it's just about time I do something good, nice, wonderful, meaningful, and artful! Oh God... please help me.

Now, I won't even say "see you tomorrow..." but for now, I have to take a rest. It's been a long day with the baby and my parents visiting. Let's just see what tomorrow brings and hope for the best. Night-night!

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