March 19, 2012


Well as you know, we just moved to a new house with a good size backyard. As of now, status is just all grass and weeds. It needs a LOT of work, really. The weather has been getting nice and finally yesterday had the urge to buy a couple of plants and some gardening tools. Considering the few items we bought for  a start, I must say that gardening could be a pretty expensive hobby. Well maybe it would pay off once I start eating my own crops, I suppose…

We (my husband and I) also borrowed a few books from the library about gardening to educate ourselves as we are both doing this (planting, that is.) for the first time. We thought about a lot of things we would like to do with this backyard. We thought about a badminton court, swimming pool, chicken coop, pergola… just a bunch of ideas but it is definitely not feasible to do everything (it is big but not that big…). So we think that best thing to make out of it is to plant fruits and vegetable. Well I told my husband that it's not a farm but just a backyard so I also want flowers as well, not just fruits and vegetables. As per the books, it is not advisable to plant right away so this year would only be observation on the sun spots, soil condition, and proper planning.

However, like I said, I bought a couple of indoor plants yesterday: Yucca and Umbrella Tree. I transferred them to decorative pots, I experienced feeling the soil with my bare hands and I enjoyed it. It reminded me as a kid, when I played with the soil. I would put it in my toy cooking wares, mix it with water and pretended it was some soup or viand. I also remembered our garden (in the house I grew up in) which my grandfather tended. He had a green thumb and he just loved to garden. We had all kinds of plants and even orchids. I had a good couple of hours in the backyard since my baby was taking a nap. I tried to use the big garden scissors we also bought and cut some grass on one portion, pulled a few weeds out, a little cleaning… I was working but felt relaxed. My dad said that gardening is therapeutic and he is right. I feel that if I really do this, it will be helpful to my well-being. I also hope that this would be a hobby that my husband and I can share and have that healthy quality time together.

Here are just some photos from yesterday:

Umbrella Tree & Yucca

Gardening Books

Found myself uploading The Home Depot app...

Saw this planter in the front yard while
cleaning. I don't know what this is but a
friend said it might be hyacinth.
Would you know?

It is nice and sunny again today. I shall take pictures of every corner of the yard and share it with you later plus the landscape idea we have in mind.

Have a happy day!

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