June 27, 2012

Missing this and my baby...

It is almost half past 11 and both my baby and hubby are asleep which seldom happens. After putting Madi to sleep and taking a shower, I found my husband snoring so I grabbed my laptop downstairs to get some time alone. It feels so good to sit here and finally post something-  or at least just to be able to let you know that I am missing this. As we all know, when the weather is this great, we all get busy outside and that is why I have been out of touch. 

However, things have been busy but all good. Spring has just ended and now we are starting with summer. I am loving the flowers, birds, bees, butterflies… We have been visiting parks and enjoying nature. On top of everything, I am simply taking advantage of my little girl's company- I want to be with her, do many things with her, teach her, love her, get to know her more and vice versa... as she will start schooling this year. I want to prepare her and myself (wink)... I am actually missing her now (sad face)...

So my friends, I am sure you understand my absence in this realm and I hope that you all are having a good summer (or winter, spring, fall… wherever in the world you may be). Be happy, be good, be at peace. God bless and until I blog again (hopefully not too long from now).

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