April 17, 2011

Take Flight, My Butterfly.

My baby girl is turning 3 in two weeks. She has been talking about having a birthday party and that she wants a pogo stick as a gift (that's all she wants, if you ask her.). Just yesterday she said she wants to have wings and be a butterfly on her birthday. So now I am collecting all these ideas for her party in my mind and I am getting excited.

It will be a "just family" affair but us alone is already pretty big. Adults would be 30 people and kids 10. For the small place we have, that would be crowded. All relatives have confirmed and I am glad that all Madi's cousins are going to be present. She will definitely have a blast playing all day.

Jon and I have got our menu ready, ordered Madi's butterfly wings, got the give-aways too, and have the decorations figured out. Two weeks to prepare… I hope Madi will love it.

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