April 7, 2011

I'm Sort of Being a Drain Today.

I blogged this poster in my Tumblr a month ago or so. The words struck me upon stumbling on another blog of Dan Goodwin about ways to find more energy on being creative. He said that there are three ways and one of them seems to be like the hardest for me to follow which is getting rid of people in our lives that somewhat gives us negative energy and hinders us to reach our goals or creative destination.

I think it's inevitable to get rid of this type of people that Goodwin calls "drains." I'm pretty sure that almost everyone has at least one of this type of person in their lives. I feel like I'd be a bad friend to get rid or ignore these people in mine. So I'm just thinking of a better way to handle it.

I have not thought of a way but Goodwin is definitely correct about trying to ignore somehow such people and I just had to remind myself of his blog today because some fake (to be exact) people and liars are annoying me at this moment that I can't seem to concentrate and do what I need and want to do. It is really not worth my energy at all, I know that but it's obviously affecting me… The good thing is I still have lots of friends, fellow bloggers, and good music that encourages and lifts me up, and thanks to Goodwin's blog! I had added it up to my favorites so I can read it when I need to (like today). 

This was his blog post: http://coachcreative.com/abigcreativeyes/2011/02/20/3-ways-to-magically-find-more-energy-to-be-more-creative/

This was mine in Tumblr: http://eonabritta.tumblr.com/post/3503422932/another-poster-i-got-from-tps-blog

Hoping you are all having a peaceful mind and heart!

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