April 18, 2011

Notice: Busy Spring Bee

Yesterday was sort of the official first day of spring for me. On the way to church in the morning was a nice breeze of sunshine, felt good to wear a light trench coat and flat shoes, bought tulips and a few other spring stuff. Ahh… finally it's here...

I was thinking about all the activities that will happen starting Easter Sunday. As always, spring to summer will be full of birthdays, celebrations, and gatherings for our family. Aside from that, I plan to learn some important new things and also spend more time to be creative and productive rather than being the opposite.

I will be a bit quiet but I'll probably be posting pictures every now and then to show off some stuff I've created or anything like that. So I hope you guys stick around or better yet follow my updates on Twitter. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime.

Happy Spring!

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