April 6, 2011

Stampington Magazines! I love you!

I've stumbled upon a Stampington magazine sometime last year at a bookstore. First one I saw was a magazine on scrapbooking. Then I noticed they had other more that are all interesting for me. I like almost all kinds of crafts- especially if it's something to do with papers and journaling. In short, I got hooked on all the Stampington magazines- they have everything that I wanted, from scrapbooking to blogging. They are just so inspiring magazines. It is what has made me write more than usual and made me do some crafts. I'm a very busy mom and at least these magazines has made me done some stuff for myself. Small things that helped me get by and grow and happy. Being a full-time house wife could be stressful at times especially when you feel like everything that you are doing is only for your family and you missed out on doing a little bit for yourself. Writing and doing some arts give me a little pleasure and so I do it whenever I can and whenever I need it.

I got a new one today and I can't wait to sit with a cup of tea and be inspired.

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