November 12, 2014

Super duper overdue introduction...

What can I say again... I have been away and obviously this "joy" is my excuse but all is good, I have been a very busy mom. I will not get into details- you know all the stuff that happens after you deliver a child… sleepless nights, diapers, not to mention some adjustments I need to deal with my first born from being an only child for five years to suddenly being a big sister… Most days are crazy- can't sleep, can't take a shower, or (please excuse me but I am just being honest) poop. So how in the world would I have time to blog and all. Maybe, hopefully, one day, I would be able to figure that part out. I love my "little women" and all the poops that come with it. Apart from longing for a long hours of sleep, I feel totally blessed and I do not feel a need for anything else except for my kids to be happy and healthy. Again, you know all these things already so... To all you loves, I want to introduce my second, beautiful, chubby, cheeky, Baby Morgan! By the way, she is now twenty months old. Better late than never, so they say...

At 20 months, she now talks in sentences, she can count 1-10 (actually sometimes above) in four languages, she knows her colors, and alphabets. She can sing and dance. Most of all she is a joy to all. She adores her big sister and makes the whole household happy every single day.

I sometimes post updates, photos, or videos of her on Feel free to visit it.

That's Morgan!

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