July 8, 2014

Well Hello, Me Stranger!

I know... pretty bad huh... I didn't expect that having two (and TRULY without a dedicated "me time" and "work space") would get me this far of being gone. It has been pretty tough and to be honest there are times that I wish to be in a different place. Do not get me wrong- I love my kids, they are my greatest blessings in life. BUT life is not always happy and easy. See I never wanted to post  any negative vibes and that is another reason why I disappeared. Though I know that life cannot be perfect all the time, I want to have positive effects on people, be an inspiration to others. I still want to be that way but with today's (and perhaps occasionally) exception, I would like to be me as is and (with your permission) rant. It is hard for me to go into details but I am just saying that daily routines and situations have been pretty hard on me. At least it is how I feel and I just need to let it out. I guess this is another way of relieving stress or whatever this is I am going through and thank you for listening (rather, reading). So this is what ranting in social media feels like... I better publish this quickly before I change my mind...

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