March 15, 2012

Signs of Spring

Winter has been kind this year. We have lived in apartment/townhouse type of places where everything was done for us such as plowing and mowing. It is our first time to live in a "real" house and experience doing our own garbage, fixing broken pipes and the likes. We prepared for big time snow: bought a blower, boots and all but so lucky to have not been able to use them (or yet). At least we have more time to prep our energy for the next winter season.

The past three consecutive days were gorgeous! 70's baby! Madi had a blast playing in the backyard and wearing skirts. Here are our Instagram photos.

Floral Printed Flats


When she swings she likes to shout,
"Best day ever!"

Signs of Spring

Plants Getting Sunshine

Happy Bird


I certainly enjoyed them too. I am thankful for the beautiful weather and hope it will continue until the official last day of winter.

Today is looking pretty sunny too but not as warm as the past few days (Kind of chilly in the 40's). We plan to stay indoor: do our chores, homework, and think of fun crafts. Wishing you a fruitful day, lots of love and peace in your heart.

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