March 4, 2012

Today In NYC

Today, we drove to NY to drop off my dad to the airport, JFK. We thought it was a chance to stroll around the city since we were there already. 

First, we wanted to visit The Museum of Moving Image but when we got there, we thought we would just go back another time when we have all day or more time, rather. I will definitely bring Madi there soon because it is one of my favorite things in Queens.

Jon wanted to check out a store in Manhattan so off we went. I got some cheap photo adhesives for my scrapbooking from Adorama in 18th Street (which made me happy). Along that same street were a number of paper/novelty shops that I also love. I could just walk around there all day… One of my dreams is to have a novelty shop of my own. I am not a business woman so that might never be a reality but imagining myself owning and managing some kind of paper store makes me smile. 

Then of course, we had to visit Books of Wonder to make the stroll worthwhile for my little girl- she loves bookstores too. To our delight, the famous skater, Kristi Yamaguchi was there for signing! (This would be Madi's third book signing.) I always have fun bringing my girl to bookstores and read her books. Having a cupcake and hot cocoa is really just secondary (wink).

We definitely miss all the yummy restaurants in China Town so we had to get dinner and buy some more to go. That roasted duck wasn't enough for me (sad face)- I want more… (burp). 

It was a pretty swell day in New York today but so not happy driving every time I am there. There is just  never a time a New York driver honks on me. Come on, it is Sunday, so what is the hurry? 

JFK Airport

Washington Square

NYC Downtown

Books of Wonder

With Kristi Yamaguchi

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