February 25, 2011

First Story Time of 2011

Posing outside a Pottery Barn store.

This is the first story time Madi has attended for the year. Since the past Thanksgiving and holidays that followed, we got so busy, the winter has been terrible, and Madi got sick... So finally, we got the chance to attend yesterday and hopefully we could continually do it- at least once a week.


Activity of the day: Make your own banner if you were to run for president.

Madi had a good time and so did I. She now interacts very well, raises her hand when the reader asks a question (when she knows the answer, of course), introduces herself to people... she's just really doing so good and I think almost ready for school (just a tiny bit of a problem and that is we're not potty trained yet). However, all in all, I'm a proud mom. My baby is developing good, and she's a happy and healthy kid. 

Madi & I at Barnes & Noble

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