March 21, 2012

First Day of Spring

Instead of doing "spring cleaning" yesterday on the first day of spring, my girl and I went out, did/had some of our favorite things, and simply enjoyed the day.

As you know, Madi's top 1 on her list of her favorite things is books! So off we went to the mall and listened to story time at Pottery Barn Kids and read books by ourselves at Barnes & Noble. We both love soups, brownies, and mocha frappuccino so we had all that for lunch at the Starbucks inside B&N. We are on a budget but we managed to do a little shopping with some gift cards, coupons, and a little cash we had #wink. But no matter what (under budget or not), I am a very cheap shopper and I always only go for good buys #sotrue. Since we were out on the road already, we did a couple of errands and then straight to Kumon.

Days are longer now and I was happy to be able to do some gardening when we got home. There is this tree in our backyard that sort of has expanding branches and bend all the way down to the ground (no clue as to what kind of tree it is exactly yet). I thought it might be dangerous for my little girl to be playing around that tree and getting poked so I trimmed it. 

My husband was working on the grass- fertilizing it and mowing. I tried using the mower too so I could do it in times that he might be away. Surprisingly, it was not that hard at all to mow but it was indeed my first time to do it and I did not know that I should not be wearing flip flops… So stepping on the cut and some wet grass made my feet green! Believe me, I am saying all these with delight. Touching the soil, getting all muddy and dirty make me feel like a kid.

And oh, I planned to skip spring cleaning but was able to organize Madi's closet and bring out her spring clothes (tomorrow should be my closet). Plus, vacummed as well!

Hope you had a sweet first day of spring too. xoxo

Yellows = Sunshine
Story time at Pottery Barn Kids.
She also likes the play time after.
My pretty and sassy little girl.
She loves Eloise too.
Italian Wedding soup, brownie,
& mocha frap (no coffee, of course).
Love the bird cage we bought.
This is the tree I was talking about too.
Obviously, it's not a dead plant
and it has a purple flower.
Twigs I cut from the tree. 
Greeny Grassy Feet
After I cleaned up the kitchen from dinner,
I found her in her room. 

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