January 19, 2012

Home Improvement

We moved in our new house three days before Christmas. Considering this, we still managed to put up a tree, lights on the porch, and have Christmas Eve party at home. Well of course we would not have done it without my father's help. It was mostly him who did the packing and unpacking. Then my brother and mom arrived on the 23 and we got more help with carrying of furnitures in the house and cleaning up.

After the holidays, we did more home improvements (again, with my dad's handiness) and we're still on it. Here are some photo updates…
Can't wait to plant outside & give
the house a nice look.
Our living room needs a couple of nice chairs
on the empty side, area rug, & coffee table.
In search for a nice mirror to fit this
foyer table.
Our kitchen. 
We turned one room on the first floor into a
media room.
Another side of the media room.
The hallway upstairs.
Patio. I could picture Jon & I getting old
in this house.
Big backyard! We got a lot of planting to do
next season… :)
Our bedrooms, bathrooms, office, and porch are either pretty empty or too messy at this time to show off. There's definitely a lot of room for improvement but we're doing it one day at a time and... according to budget (of course). I might need to actually go get a job to make it faster #wink.

However, my family and I are enjoying our new home and we are now building wonderful memories in it which is the most important thing.

Thank you for stopping by and love one another!

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