April 23, 2010

Is It Really Saturday?

Jon had a product release today and so had to work.  Madi and I enjoy spending time together but on weekends we have our mind set to having daddy with us. 

Even though she can recite the seven days of the week, she really does not know yet if it’s Monday or whatever day it is exactly. So she wakes up without dad and I guess she assumes it is a normal weekday for us. She asks me to put on Sesame Street and I say, “there’s no Sesame Street today.” She then requests for Word World then I say, “no Word World.” I guess she realizes then that it feels like we’ve been together for more than five days now and that it’s a weekend and she tells me, “I miss Daddy.” 

It breaks my heart whenever I hear her say that she misses her dad. I want her to spend as much time as possible with Jon because (I think) usually girls like to be close to dads. For instance, my sister and I are both close to our dad. I hope my mom won’t be jealous when she reads this (because I love her as much as I love my dad) but there is just a different kind of bond between father and daughter. There are things you can’t do or can’t say when you are with mommy and vice versa. So that is why I feel it is important that Madi and Jon should have plenty of bonding time.

Oh, at Madi’s age, I can now say that there are times she enjoys doing stuff with Jon rather than me. Like she seem to like swimming more with him than with me, she likes only Jon to read her certain books, likes it more when Jon brushes her teeth and gives her a bath. I know why anyway... Jon lets her play with her toothbrush, her sponge... and everything else. It’s just a bit more fun for her. But that’s okay, she deserves to play and have fun so I like it when she and her dad have fun together and I... can take a BREAK. Lol.

And so... Madi and I are missing Daddy today... :( Sigh...

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