September 22, 2010

Starting Over Again

I started blogging since 2005 but I have never been consistent. I would get into it, then get tired of it after awhile, and then close the account. This would be my fifth attempt, if you want to know.

There are a few different reasons why I couldn't make blogging a routine: One of them is that I felt that there should only be just one topic that I should be focusing on or writing about but I guess I just have to face the fact that I am not an expert on anything or one thing. Another is that when my blogs start to get personal, I tend to hold back like I don't want the whole world to know everything about me but again, I guess not everyone will really read everything I write- I can't be that interesting like a celebrity. Third, it's just so hard for me to get inspired. I feel that if I am not happy with every aspect of my life, I can't write anything. However, I feel that I should learn now how to ignore the negatives that surround me so only positive things can occure- like blogging!

I am hoping that somehow, while I share my life, journals, arts & crafts, I may be able to inspire and be inspired in the process.

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