October 14, 2009

Been Gone

I have not blogged for quite sometime. I got too preoccupied with all my duties as a mother and wife but everything is great- just been busy and busy for me is always a good thing.

Many things happened over the past month. Jon is still working in New Jersey so we try to do a lot of family activities every weekend, some family members got sick (my brother-in-law had a heart-attack for one), Madi and Jon both had cough and colds due to change of weather, my brother Aldous bought a house, my brother Aaron arrived in the U.S., my sister got a new job, a very bad flood in Manila affected many I know, a nephew from a first cousin caught swine flu (just heard today), Madi has been hard to handle (running around all day, touching everything, making mess)... a lot of stuff going on that I cannot afford to sit in front of the computer for more than five minutes without interruption (mainly from my baby).

I have no idea when I will start to be consistent on my blogging. Somethings always come up whenever I am about to get a hang on a routine that I need to adjust again and figure out a new one. But then again, no complaints- just trying to explain that I am still here and alive. I hope you all are being productive too and well.

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