August 31, 2009

Family Visit

Madi, Josh, and Alec
We drove to Virginia on Friday to see my siblings. We have not seen each other since Madi’s birthday in April. Another reason for the visit is to celebrate with Aldous and his family their new house. I am just proud of Aldous and Anne- they have been blessed with two wonderful kids and as parents, they have done well for the kids. 

Alec, my youngest nephew, is growing. Like Madi, he too is a very happy baby. What I enjoyed most in this reunion is that the three kids had a good time playing with each other. Josh is of course grown-up but in spite of the age difference, he loved interacting with Madi and Alec. I truly adored watching the “three monkeys” together. It reminded me of my own childhood and it is always nice to remember the good old days- being a kid is simply the best.

My sister, Elke, a kid at heart, naturally enjoyed being with all her nephews and niece. It was a fun family visit and I hope to see them again soon... and I hope next time, my parents and Aaron will be here too.

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