March 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Today is expected to be worse than yesterday but I have prepared for it. When Madi and I went out yesterday, I got her new sets of crayons, markers, and water colors- all washable. In a suburban place, you always have to be ready to get stuck at home for any reason. I think I have to make a comparative pros and cons list between living in the city and in a suburb but just on top of my head right now, all I can think of that I miss in Queens is the convenience of the location- I walk outside the apartment, there’s my grocery store, bunch of all kinds of restaurants, Asian market... you name it. So even on a rainy day like this, it still wouldn’t be a problem to go out. Here in Princeton, if it’s a pretty bad rain like this, it’s such a hassle to drive and kind of taking a risk too. Some trees fall down and other areas get flooded. The last time it rained hard was about a couple of weeks ago. We drove to a friend’s house in North Plainfield to watch a boxing fight. I have never seen so much flood in my entire life in New York or the Eastcoast, for that matter. I heard in the news last night that today a lot of New Jersey residents might have the same problem they encountered from that last downfall of rain- many had a lot of damages in their homes. I hope the best for everyone, stay dry, and let’s pray this rain will go away.

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