August 18, 2009

An Engagement To Remember

Today is the third anniversary of our engagement. It happened in Goat Island, RI. We used to go there every year to celebrate but we cancelled this year because of Jon’s unexpected job assignment in Princeton, NJ.

So Instead, Madi and I spent our weekend in New Jersey. We strolled around the university campus and we also drove south to do whale/ dolphin watching.

Our Saturday was relaxing. We stayed at my sister-in-law’s house (since they are out of the country, we thought of visiting their house and water their plants) and just drove around nearby towns. The main thing was Princeton. I love Princeton and everytime I go there, I always have this feeling of wishing I was able to go there for college. So now, that is my dream for Madi. Jon and I have got to do a lot of saving...

The following day, we went dolphin (supposedly whales and dolphins but did not see any whales) watching in Cape May. Madi couldn’t stay in one place inside the boat and the ride was more than three hours so I felt a little nauseous at one point from carrying and running after her. She did not appreciate dolphin watch in particular but enjoyed mingling with people. I loved it though. At first, I thought it wasn’t as great as watching a show from aquariums and sorts because here, you have to be on the look-out to see the mammals but after seeing tons of them popping out from the water, I felt amazed. It was sort of a stress reliever for me just to watch them swim like crazy, looking so free and happy.

So that was how we celebrated “the special day.” No Rhode Island for this year but it was still indeed a good celebration and an enjoyable weekend.

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