January 16, 2012

A Day in A Life

Have you every felt tired like you have done so many tasks and at the end of the day you seem to have forgotten what you've actually done and suddenly feel you wasted a whole day of doing nothing? It happens to me a lot and today is one of those days.

Let me think of every single thing I have done today and list it down so I won't have this guilt feeling in me before I go to bed:

1. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to prepare breakfast.
2. Changed my address with a couple of establishments online.
3. Fed my little girl breakfast.
4. Did four loads of laundry.
5. Fed my girl lunch (take note that it took her 3 hours to finish lunch).
6. Put her to nap.

While she napped,
7. Took a shower
8. Cleaned the toilets.
9. Organized a bathroom closet.

When she woke up, we drove to
10. Do some grocery.
11. and pick Jon up at the train station.

We got home and
12. I again fed Madi dinner.
13. Did her Kumon homework.
14. Gave her a bath.
15. Put her to bed.

16. Did final kitchen cleaning or should I say closed the kitchen.

I know… it may not sound a lot but there are definitely other stuff in between these tasks. Like more cleaning, washing of dishes, washing Madi (God knows how many times she goes to the toilet each day… picking up toys everywhere, and also fun things (of course) like playing, singing & dancing.

Let me share some of our today's photos…

Drumsticks on a freezing day. We love it!

Totally ready for snow.

My girl.

She said it was my turn to pose so here I am;)

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