January 5, 2010

Color Me Awesome

I bought this 365 Days of Coloring book thingy supposedly for Madi but I realized that I can’t control her of how many pages to color in a day and I didn’t want to mess-up the purpose of the book so I thought I’d just use it for myself. Since it’s the 5th of January now, I did five pages. I find it sort of therapeutic... I color, think of different strokes, add some creativity to it and think nothing except the fun of doing it. It relaxed my mind. I think it’s a good idea to do this every night after a tiring day. 

Another interesting thing is that I have never touched crayons in a very long time and I noticed that there are so many new colors now. There is a color that’s called “awesome” and I love it. It’s bright and brightness just gives me a positive energy.

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