October 1, 2008

Usual Day

My friend, Sheila, asked me last weekend, “what is your usual day like?.” Well mainly, I take care of my baby- feed her, bathe her, play with her… if I can squeeze in cooking dinner for my husband and I, I would, clean the house, and laundry. Madi and I walk to the grocery almost everyday (it’s exercise and errand at the same time). Maybe once or twice a week we’d hang out at Starbucks (I do some reading and writing). I have also been doing some scrapbooking which helps me relax. Every after dinner we’d walk outside again (the three of us)- walk around the block or park OR the grocery again:) Once Madi’s asleep by nine, if Jon and I are not sleepy yet, we’d watch a movie and eat junk foods (most of the time Root Beer Float and chips). And that is my usual day!

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