April 17, 2012

Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood?

Coming from New York, I am used to walking everything such as the grocery, library, school, restaurants... and I miss that- as it is the contrary here in our new town in New Jersey. However, Madi and I finally managed to walk around the neighborhood one day. The houses here are way far apart from each other but it was a nice weather to be walking so off we went…

Our closest neighbor is a little church on our right side. It is a historic church, I believe. Then on the left side is just a wooded area and so the other neighbors would be behind our house.

First, we stopped by at a couple of farm lands to have a picture with the mountain top area in the background. I love looking at the houses from up there and wish I live in one of those gorgeous houses or maybe farm houses.

Then we finally met our next door neighbor (to the back of our house). I am so bad with names and it irritates me that I cannot remember the name of the lady. Anyhow, she has two sons and it's nice to know that they are close to my little girl's age. For sure they would be seeing each other in school later on and be playmates.

We walked some more and saw beautiful houses, a cow farm, and a ranch. We did not meet anymore neighbors but as we walked, people on cars passed by waving and smiling at us. I like it. It tells me that I have nice and friendly neighbors.

Here are some of our photos to delight you.

For sure I would be doing more walks in the neighborhood to get to know my new town more and take advantage and enjoy the beautiful scenery we have here.

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