February 1, 2011

Sweet Time Tuesday

It's been awhile since Madi and I have been out- I mean out as in hang-out. Since Thanksgiving, it has always been errands, bad weather, and flu... They say that it is supposed to snow again tonight and now that Madi has recovered from fever and cold, I thought we should go out and have fun before the snow comes again tonight. We did and we both had so much fun. I could tell from her smile that she enjoyed our time. She said she wanted to go to the bookstore and wanted me to read her two books, and go to the grocery to buy bananas. We did both her requests and more- she even got to buy three books using a gift card she got from Christmas, she got to have chocolate drink and chocolate brownie at the cafe, and got to ride the brown car shopping cart at the grocery.
Madi carrying the books she shopped.


chocolate drink!

cheers! hot chocolate for mommy and cold choco drink for baby.
Later tonight (in a couple of hours), I'll be attending my first session of French class. I am excited to learn a new language. Then when I get home, I have Parenthood to look forward to on TV. It has been a sweet day so far and hope it will be until the end because Tuesday is my day! (Meaning it's the night for Madi and Jon to hang out while I do my own thing).

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