January 26, 2011

Talk About The Weather...

This is probably the most snow I've seen in ten years of being here in New York. I mean how many snows have we gotten since Christmas? It is just too much... Well at least New York is not that bad because it's almost always ready for it- we spend a lot for it to be cleaned straight away. However, I still feel sorry for most people who has to go through it all. I feel lucky that I'm just home right now with my baby. I can imagine that I would be going crazy if I had to go to work with this kind of situation.

I have a couple of siblings in Virginia and boy... they are one of those States that are not equipped to snow storms. They are all literally stranded. For instance, my brother and his family... husband and wife goes to work, two kids are at a baby sitter. They are all going to sleep tonight separated except for the two boys with the same sitter. They all drove for hours and hours in traffics but really impossible to get home. Poor family... but I'm glad they are all safe even though they are not together for the night and hopefully they could all be home tomorrow.

My baby and I will have a long day tomorrow and I am happy she is now sound asleep in her bed. I wish for a better weather tomorrow and for everyone to be warm and safe.

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