October 27, 2010

Overnight List for 2-1/2 Year Olds

Every stage, there's always new lists of stuff to pack for our kids- yes, it changes all the time... So let's see... Let me make a list of what I need to bring for an overnight trip for Madi:

1. pajama
2. 10 Diapers (Obviously, we are not potty trained yet.)
3. toothbrush and toothpaste
4. bottles
5. milk
6. cooler
7. food and snacks
8. towel, wash cloth, and toiletries
9. burp cloths (They are sort of her security blanket.)
10. favorite book to read at night
11. Lullaby playlist
12. 2 sets of outfits
13. socks
14. shoes
15. cleaning brush for the bottles

Looks pretty good to me... I think the list gets shorter as they grow older, doesn't it? I think I might be ready for a second baby now (wink)...

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